An Inside Story

An Inside Story is a book designed to explore NVC concepts and create a deeper connection with your child written by Chris Hartstein and Leland Brigham. Chris is a Heart-to-Heart learner and graduate of Heart-to-Heart’s Yes to Life program. An Inside Story was created with a companion hand-made empathy doll. Order yours today and enjoy the free read-aloud video below.

About the Authors

Chris Hartstein (57) and Leland Brigham (20) met during the 2016 US election season at an NVC workshop.  They soon realized they had a shared vision of bringing the powerful work of Marshall Rosenberg to a young audience.  Their first effort involved demonstrating to teens how people can engage in civil dialogue while holding vastly different opinions.  They quickly partnered on An Inside Story to reach an even younger audience.  Chris credits the practice of Nonviolent Communication with transforming her troubled relationship with her teen daughter.  Leland hopes to spread the principles of nonviolent communication so that all may empower themselves toward better relationships, communication, and understanding.

An Inside Story Book

“On the inside, all people are more alike than different.”

 Alex takes an inside look at everyday fears and feels the power of understanding.  A practice page and short needs list helps children and adults practice telling their own inside stories

This simple book that explains concepts of Nonviolent Communication for children and grown-ups using friendly language and cute, colorful illustrations.

Hand-made Empathy Dolls

Our interactive empathy dolls come complete with a heart pocket and 10 “need” stars. These handmade dolls by the author of An Inside Story: A Children’s Book for Grown-Ups Too!  make it easier to talk about what is going on inside of us. When troubling thoughts occur or something upsetting happens, meet your child with understanding and compassion rather than harsh words, demands, or simply not knowing what to say.  Instructions come with each doll and can be used separately or with the practice described in the book. 

Product Information

  • Dolls are handmade of 100% wool.  Variations in color and shape are to be expected.
  • Money-back guarantee for any doll returned in new condition (minus shipping costs).
  • Shipping times vary.  You will be sent an email confirming your order and when your doll ships.

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