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About Heart-to-Heart

Heart-to-Heart seeks to empower incarcerated people, those at risk of incarceration or who were incarcerated, their families, and others seeking freedom from destructive habits and patterns, both inside and outside of correctional facilities.

Heart-to-Heart hosts the following programs:

  • Heart-to-Heart Prisons– Heart-to-Heart learners in jails and prisons learn, grow, heal, and use their time to become their best selves. Heart-to-Heart helps its learners to develop four core Nonviolent communication skills critical for navigating the transition to freedom.
  • Heart-to-Heart Families– This program is designed to help parents, caregivers, and educators who are called to be a healing presence in their families and communities. We do this by forming supportive learning communities and teaching four key Nonviolent communication skills.
  • Heart-to-Heart Communities– A variety of workshops, classes, and retreats focused on an aspect of Nonviolent Communication. Led by a trained facilitator, these workshops offer participants an opportunity to explore a specific topic in-depth and practice new skills.

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